Sushi Has Class

I have dreamed for some time of taking a sushi making class. Today that dream became reality. The 4 hour class was held at Ichiban Sushi in Salt Lake City and taught by renowned sushi chef Peggy Whiting, who has been making as eating sushi nearly every day since the '70s.

My buddy, Paul, who is also a sushi enthusiast, attended with me. We learned about the best kinds of rice and the secret formula for making perfect sushi rice. We filleted a salmon, and made 9 different rolls each. With the knowledge, sushi and goodies we came away with, it was well worth the $150 I spent.

Peggy Whiting learned to make sushi from the best. She studied the art in Tokyo in 1987 from a registered Japanese National Treasure, master sushi chef Inou of Hama Sushi.

Ichiban Sushi is located at 336 S. 400 East in Salt Lake City.

Speaking of sushi, check out this must have for ever gadget minded sushi geek.

[Editor's note: I have no idea what the link was to. the link refers to a sushi themed USB flash drive that must have been novel back on '04]