Who's Shrugging Now?

I’ve been reading Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged for the last few days. I’m only into a little over 20%. That is when I figured out who John Galt is…couldn’t Ayn have made it a little more difficult to guess? If you solve a mystery when a book is only 20% of the way done, doesn’t it kind of ruin the climax?

As soon as I guessed it I went to Wikipedia to verify it. I had seen a list of all the characters there earlier, but refused to read who John Galt was, because I didn’t want to spoil it. Upon confirming my suspicion…I learned a little more than I should have…so just a word to those who don’t want the mystery completely spoiled…after you have your own idea…just believe it and don’t try to find out too much too fast.